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Images by Nord Magazine's Jonathan Hooper.

The FW2016 collection takes inspiration from the designers’ First Nation heritage, presenting rarely used metal as a staple material seamlessly blending elegant yet edgy silhouettes and designs providing a different perspective on wearable art, and fashion in general. Producing garments for all shapes, sizes, and genders, Hampton shows the sleek, eye-catching side of industrialism, with Mylar-fused silver metalwork and black neoprene that creates a truly unique experience. Through the designer’s ecological research, Native heritage, and industrialized thinking, the collection innovates the Jingle Dress for the 2016 urban landscape, paying homage to the Ojibwe teachings and strength whilst developing armor for the metropolitan city warrior. 

The FW2016 Collection was presented at Vancouver Fashion Week on March 16th 2016

An Extended FW2016 Collection was presented at Fashion Art Toronto on April 14th 2016