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Lesley Hampton


5:00 Minutes


Untitled is comprised of a video installation in an enclosed space, with the video piece being projected over a mirror display. It is comprised of sampling of two major feminist speakers: Nigerian TED Talk speaker, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and British Actress and United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson. The mix of audio, video, and placement of the viewer in this work creates a reflective environment for the viewer to become hyper-aware of their surroundings, develop pseudo-nostalgia from the video sampling, and an anxiety or tenseness from the audio. With a focus on children, the video installation investigates gender construct and how culture, society, and child rearing are crucial to the formation of certain ideals. The self-reflective qualities in the work then suggest to the viewers that they are part of the problem and/or solution of future constructs.


Appropriated Audio and Home Videos

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Lesley Hampton




Transform is a wearable sculpture created from 500 pieces of 0.15mm copper plating rectangles sewn to a wearable form. Copper was used in early Native American cultures for weaponry and tools, however this has transitioned to jewelry and representation of status in contemporary times. As the garment is worn, the plating hits together creating a jingle sound, reminiscent to the qualities of a Native American jingle dress. The jingle dress originates from various Ojibwa communities, which a member of the tribes has dreams of women in this type of garment dancing with the performance having healing qualities for their viewers. Transform presents the juxtaposition of the use of copper as ornament on a wearable form with the glamour/commercial video shoot similar to today’s fashion industry videography. The audio presented in the video is reminiscent of the Native American jingle dress sound, moreover, the audio and video editing in this work presents a dream-like illustration, much like the Ojibwa dream in which the jingle dress originated.


Model: Cindy Villasanta

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Lesley Hampton

Extreme Comfort



Extreme Comfort captures the struggle of being comfortable in your own skin.


Model: Sarah Lowe

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