Untitled, After Leigh Bowery



This work is an appropriation of a stage performance by Leigh Bowery. With this work, I wanted to capture the shape and movement of the body in a very different context then what society is used to seeing.

Track: RomiBuns Kiss Kiss Kiss Original Mix (Black Bug Recordings) youtube.com/watch?v=2br-A3E5czg

Thought Smudge



Thought Smudge is a performance in which a group of non-indigenous individuals participated in a Native American Smudging Ceremony, in which you "cleanse" your body in the smoke of sage and cedar. This process is seen by the Native people as Mother Nature's medicine to purify your mind, body, and spirit.  When the participants felt cleansed enough, they documented their experience using the Social Media Platform, Twitter, and released their thoughts into the cyber-world. 




Bearnevolence is a video artwork with visuals of fire and formation. It was created to confront the viewer with ideas around the Teddy Bear, and its significance being used as a form of comfort, however projected in this work as a form of disturbance. The video is played till the fire ends to represent the notion of healing and moving on from an unhealthy relationship.